Tuesday 14 March 2017

Privacy Policy

This application need to access the Address book to gain information of the person who is calling you, and the application will show the name and photo if needed. None of the data mention above will be used for commercial purpose.

Friday 10 February 2017

How to set time of Alarm ?

1. How many item of time can set ?

  • There are 6 items of time to set

  • Any of the items can set separately:

How many type of Alarm ?

1. There are 2 type of Alarm can create:

  • Show screen and Play ringtone

  • Show a Notification

2. To choose the type of Alarm on Profile screen:
Choose type to show a picture with playing ringtone:

  • Select picture and ringtone
  • Set volume

Choose type to pop up a Notification

How to Discard / Snooze the Alarm ?

1. How does the Alarm look like ?
2. Swipe right on the picture to Discard the Alarm
3. Swipe left on picture to Snooze the Alarm
4. Swipe left on red bar to choose interval of snoozing the Alarm
5. Choose interval from the list
6. Can discard the Alarm from the Notification
7. Show tips on the screen

8. To change the way of Discarding / Snoozing the Alarm from Settings

Welcome to Hong Alarm

  1. How many type of Alarm ?
  2. How to set time of Alarm ?
  3. How to Discard / Snooze the Alarm ?

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